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Chris started with the Post Law Firm in 2022, highly sought after for his experience with Insurance Defense and ability to adapt quickly to adjacent legal industries. 


Originally from Ohio, he earned his undergraduate degree from Wilmington College.

Continuing his education, Chris attended law school and graduated in 2014 from the

University of Florida.


Prior to practicing law Chris worked in the financial industry and held multiple trading licenses. 

During his career as an attorney, Chris had worked for one of the largest title companies in the industry and one of the largest defense firms in the state of Florida. There he focused on first-party insurance defense. 

Chris has expanded his legal knowledge into the areas of bodily injury, property damage and employment contracts. 

Outside of his work, Chris enjoys spending time with his wife, family, friends, and his dog Boomer.

He also enjoys watching football and baseball and loves to play golf. 

"My clients are important to me because they have entrusted their needs with me and I want to make sure that those needs are not just met but exceeded..."

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